Post Payments on the Matched Tab

Version 14.8
Path: Smart Toolbar > Billing button > Adjudications tab


The steps below assume the user has already gone through the steps of downloading ERAs. If this process has not been completed see Fetch and Process ERA Files from my Integrated Clearinghouse.

Posting Payments

  1. Click on the ERA Payments tab .
  2. Click on the Expand button  next to selected payer.
  3. Click the Ellipsis button  to select a check.
  4. Select OK to the popup There are no transactions paid by this check number.

  1. Copy the check number.

  1. Click on the Adjudication tab.
  2. Paste the check number in the Payment ID field.
  3. Filter to check.
  4. Click the Expand buttonto expand the adjudication and view the adjudication details. 

  1. If the Allowed Amount is correct and the payment looks appropriate for services rendered, check off that this adjudication is approved to be Matched.

  1. Click on the Post Payment button .
  2. Click Yes when prompted Post ALL approved adjudications for ALL payments?

  1. To double check payments posted see Balance all payments on an ERA, EFT or ACH.
OP will post auto-approved adjudications based on your system setup for auto-approval of matched and/or paid claim adjudications.