Postal Zip Codes

Version 14.8

About Postal Zip Codes

Path: Utilities Menu > Manage Codes > Zip Codes (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [Alt][U][C][Z])

Within Office Practicum, there is an extensive list of US Postal Zip Codes, including Puerto Rico.  An office has the ability to edit, add, or delete zip codes to make the list suitable for their needs.

Postal Zip Codes Map



Zip Code gridThe Zip Code grid displays the zip codes, cities, and states.  The columns can be sorted and filtered.


Navigation buttonsThe Navigation buttons navigate the zip code records.  You can navigate by the next or previous record or go directly to the last or first record.


Function buttonsThe function buttons add a zip code, delete a zip code, edit a zip code, post an edit, cancel an edit, and refresh the grid data.