Posting an Insurance Credit Card Payment

Version 14.10

There may be some payers who issue claim payments in the form of credit cards rather than checks. To process these credit card payments in OP, you must be contracted with Instamed's Merchant Services

Warning: Only practices contracted for Instamed Merchant Services can process credit card payments using the steps below. If you are not contracted with Merchant Services, OP will still allow you to enter the credit card. However, the credit card transaction in the patient's credit screen will not show a Credit Card Trans ID. A missing Credit Card Trans ID means that the funds were not actually acquired.

You will first want to read the instructions that were enclosed with the credit card payment. Some instructions may indicate that the card should only be used once, although there may be more than one patient listed on the Explanation of Benefits. Because processing instructions may vary, it is best practice to process the credit card via the Credits tab in the patient's account.

Process the Credit Card

  1. Click the Acct button.
  2. Search for and select the patient to access the account for a patient listed on the Explanation of Benefits.
  3. Click the Credits tab.
  4. Click the +Credit button.  
  5. Select Credit card (present) as the pay method.
  6. Enter the Name on card (usually the insurance company issuing the payment).
  7. Enter the Card Number, Expiration Date, and Card Status in the respective fields.
  8. Enter a Check/Ref #. This is usually noted on the EOB as a reference or document ID number.
  9. Enter the Credit amount in the Insurance credit field. If the card may only be processed once, but there are multiple patients on the EOB, enter the full amount of the card that can be transferred later.
  10. Select the Payer by clicking on the Insurance Carrier Lookup (Insurance shield symbol) button.
  11. Enter Credit source, Note, and Provider if desired.
  12. Click the Save/Post button.

Apply the Credits

  1. While in the patient's account, click the Payments tab.
  2. Click the + Payment button.
  3. Select Payer Credit as the Pay Method.
  4. Allocate the amount(s) paid as stated on the EOB.
  5. Click the Save + Close button.
NoteIf multiple patients' claims were paid on the EOB:
  1. Navigate to the next patient on the EOB. 
  2. Click +Credit in that patient's account.
  3. Select Insurance Transfer as the Pay method.
  4. In the Debit patient field, search for and select the patient who has the original bulk credit amount.
  5. Enter the amount for this patient's claim in the Transfer field.
  6. Click the Insurance Carrier lookup button and select the insurance who issued the payment.
  7. Click Save/Post.