Posting Electronic Superbill Charges

Version 14.8

Once the office is fully live and ready to utilize the EHR side of Office Practicum, the Clinical side of the system will begin to generate Superbill charges for documented sections (vaccines, labs, etc.)  in the patient's chart.

The electronic Superbill answers the need for a paperless transfer of clinical documentation to unposted charges.  These Unposted Charges are generated when the clinical team completes the coding within a patient Encounter or Well Visit note. The Superbill is available from within the Billing Reconciliation window or the Superbill Tab in the Billing Center.

Posting Electronic Superbill Charges from the Tracking Screen

Superbill charges can be viewed from the Tracking screen using the Billing Reconciliation feature.  To view Superbill charges on the Tracking screen, simply check the box at the top next to Show Billing Reconciliation.

Billing Reconciliation: Unposted Charges

Posting Options

  1. The Auto-Post button (system preference that can be turned off) allows users to post all charges in one click.  The Add/Edit Charges window does not open to edit charges. 
  2. The Post All button will allow users to post all charges.  The Add/Edit window will open to allow users to edit charge information.
  3. The Post Selected button allows users to split the charges to create multiple claims.  To post select charges: hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the claim lines to highlight the charge lines you want to post and then click the Post Selected button .   When posting select charges the system will then prompt the question "Split the highlighted charges to a separate claim?" When the question appears, click the OK button.

  1. The Edit buttonallows users to view the electronic superbill information prior to posting the charges to the patient account.  
  2. Whether you have posted all or select charges, the system will then open up the Add/ Edit Charges screen to review what you have posted. Within the Add/Edit Charges screen users are able to make any edits to the claim. 
  3. Users can check the patient's visit note to ensure all charges are billed.  Click on the Chron button in the Add/Edit Charges window to open up the Event Chronology window to review completed encounter notes. 

 Add/Edit Charges

  1. Once the charges have been posted they will be listed at the bottom of the screen under Posted Charges

Billing Reconciliation: Posted Charges

Posting Electronic Superbill Charges from the Patient's Account

  1. Click on the Account button to open the Patient Account window. 
  2. In the Search boxselect the patient's account to view.
  3. Click the Charges tab to view the patient's unposted charges listed on the top section of the Patient Account window.
  4. See Posting Options above.
  5. In the Add/ Edit Charges window, review the posted charges. Edits can be made within the Add/Edit Charges screen. Click the Save button to exit and save.

  1. Once the charges have been posted they will appear at the bottom of the screen under Current (Posted) Charges/Payments