Posting Electronic Superbill Charges

Version 14.10

Once your office is fully live and utilizing the EHR side of the OP software, the clinical side of the system will begin to generate superbill charges for the patient. Those charges make up the electronic superbill. The electronic superbill may be posted from within the Tracking screen (most common), the Superbill Tab in the Billing Center, or the Patient Account. Regardless of where you choose to access these charges, the posting options are the same.  

Posting Charges

  1. Navigate to where you will post the charges and follow the initial Steps to Post Charges directives before proceeding to Step 2: 
Location of Charge Posting
Smart Toolbar Button / Navigation
Steps to Post Charges
TrackingSched > Tracking Tab
  1. Select the checkbox to Show Billing Reconciliation.
  2. Select the patient whose charges you would like to post.
  3. Review the Insurance(s) listed for the patient. Click the Upd Ins button if necessary to be taken to the Insurance record for the patient.
  4. Review the Billing Notes for the patient.
Superbills TabBilling > Superbills Tab

Locate the patient and date of service for which you would like to post. The + can be used to expand the charges. The stage of the superbill will indicate if the superbill is ready to be converted.

Patient AccountAccnt > Select Patient > Charges tab

Locate the Superbill (Unposted) Charges at the top of the window.

  1. Select the posting option you would like to use: Auto-Post, Post All, or Post Selected. If selecting Post All or Post Selected, the Add/Edit Charges window will open.
Note: If a Warning box appears stating there is missing information (such as a missing Rendering Provider, missing DX Code, or a Supervising Provider is needed on the claim), click OK. After clicking OK, you will notice that the charges do not appear in the Add/Edit charges window. You will first need to add the missing or required information and then click the Import Superbill button to import the charges and continue with posting.
  1. Review the following charge information in the Add/Edit Charges window. This information has been passed on from the clinical team.
  • Rendered by
  • Billing Provider
  • Location
  • Office Location
  • Service Dates
  • ICD-10 Code(s)
  • CPT Codes
Note: If the same CPT code should be billed twice for a medication, but the NDC ID differs for the two instances of the code, you must manually enter the NDC ID that is not housed in the CPT code table for that particular CPT.

You may find that you would like to review the patient's visit note to ensure that all services rendered appear on the superbill. To do so, click the View Event Chronology button (located below the blue up and down arrows) be taken to the Event Chronology for the patient's visit. If edits are necessary after reviewing the Chron, you should navigate back to the patient and click Edit.
  1. (Optional) Aside from correcting information on the charges that came from the clinical team, there are some additional options to consider when reviewing the Add/Edit Charges window:
  • Use Vaccine DX: select this checkbox to apply the diagnosis code, Z23, to vaccine and vaccine administration charges. After selecting the checkbox, it is necessary to click the Modify button to apply the change. The selection of thie checkbox may be saved as a preference by clicking the Pref button .
  • Move Charge Lines: the up and down arrows may be used to reorganize the lines of a claim so that they appear in a particular order.
  • Patient Responsibility: select this checkbox for any charge lines in a claim that will be the patient's responsibility. The charge line will still be submitted to insurance on the claim, but the balance will remain to the patient.
  • Vax Cnsl: this checkbox will appear on the charge as it was charted by the provider or person administering the vaccine. If you're Chron review results in you having to edit this checkbox, it is necessary to click the Modify button to apply the change.  

As you are manually creating claims or converting electronic superbills, you may find that you need to record other claim information that is not found in the Basic Information tab of the Add/Edit Charges window. This is where you will use the Other Items (1-27) tab. The Other Items (1-27) tab in the Add/Edit Charges window is described below. 

The Other Items (1-27) tab can be used to add or edit the following claim information:

  • Type of Insurance coverage (this is defaulted according to the Insurance carrier for the claim and should not need to be edited)
  • Claim relation to employment, auto, or other accident
  • Dates of illness or injury as they pertain to the claim
  • Referring or Ordering Physician(s) and their NPI numbers
  • Referral or Prior Authorization numbers
  • Any other locally reported items as dictated by your state's insurance companies

  1. If a payment has been collected and is to be applied to the charges, visit Applying Copayments While Posting Charges.
  2. Select the option you would like to use for saving the charges: Save, Save + Queue, or Cancel.
  3. Continue with the next charge to post. The posted charges will appear under the Current / Posted Charges section of the window.