Practice Health Dashboards


Tips for Using the Dashboards
The following is a list of tips and reminders that OP recommends to simplify and expedite use of the Practice Health Dashboards.
Financials Dashboard (Charges, Payments, and Adjustments)
The Charges, Payments and Adjustments (CPA) dashboard allows you to drill down to a specific day of charges by filtering.
Coding Dashboard
The Coding dashboard provides Evaluation & Measurement (E&M) distribution data by provider, payer, location and time frame (year, month or day).
AR Console - Accounts Receivable
The AR dashboard allows the user to gather an array of A/R information and to customize the type and display of that information.
Statistics Dashboard
Practice Health Dashboards provides a simple method of generating Patient Demographic and Meaningful Use (MU) information.
OP Practice Health Dashboards Overview
Practice Health Dashboards is a standalone application that interfaces with Office Practicum (OP) to empower your practice with customized reports.
Dashboard Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials for OP Practice Health Dashboards.