Practices/Locations, Departments, and Teams


Practices and Locations (Add, Remove, Edit)
This section will show you how to add or edit practice or location information in OP.
Adding/Editing a Department
In OP, Departments are used for sending messages and assigning tasks. Below, you will find instructions on how to add a new department.
Assign Users to Departments
Staff members can be assigned to a department or multiple departments in the Staff Directory.
Adding/Editing a Team
In OP 14, Teams are used for assigning patients to specific care groups. Some examples of Teams could be Asthma Care Team, Diabetes Management Team, or simply Team A or Team B where the specific mean
Assign Users to Teams
Version 14.19 Overview Staff members can be assigned to a Team or multiple Teams in the Staff Directory . Click   Utilities  on the menu toolbar. Select Manage Practice . Select Staff/Provider Directory . Select a staff member ...
Assign Users to Location(s)
Version 14.19 Utilities > Manage Practice > Staff/Provider Directory Overview In order for a user to be able to log into OP, they must be added to at least one location. Additionally, users who travel between locations must be added to ...