Preparing to Install or Transfer an Existing License


When you replace or upgrade workstations you will need to transfer the license from the old workstation to the new workstation. You may also need to transfer a license if you want to use a scanner on a different workstation and do not want to purchase an additional license.

RemoteScan licensing is based on the MAC address of the workstation. If you rebuild an existing workstation but do not change the underlying hardware, you do not need to transfer the license but will need to get your license key from OP. If you are transferring a license:

  1. Determine the MAC address of the old workstation.
  • Connect to the old workstation and look up the MAC address through a command prompt. Click here for steps to obtain the MAC address using ipconfig.
  • or right-click the RemoteScan icon in the system tray of the computer and select Register

Note: It is critical that you determine the correct old MAC address and the correct current MAC address if it has changed. Without this information, you will not be able to complete the license transfer and will need to purchase a new RemoteScan license.

  1. The OP Cloud account number should be obtained as a secondary reference point. Log in to OP on the machine connected to the scanner and look for the series of numbers in the title bar of OP.
  2. If needed, install the RemoteScan software on the new computer. Click here for more information on installing the RemoteScan software.
  3. If you have already installed the software and need a license, click here for the steps to Install the RemoteScan license.