Prescription Rules

Version 14.10

Prescription Access

  • In order to have access to the Medication List, you must be a provider with at least Level 2 rights. This is added security to prevent the misuse of the prescription module.

Prescription Writing

  • Scripts with the purposes "to dispense", "sample", "unformatted", and "order" may only be created by licensed prescribers (Level 2-6 providers) logged into the system. The prescriber field is pre-filled and unalterable in these situations.
  • Non-licensed providers (RN/MA) are Level 1 providers, and CANNOT write prescriptions independently.
  • Non-licensed providers (RN/MA) can create "Med-Reference only" scripts (e.g., entering meds prescribed by an outside provider when taking a patient's medical history) and "school/work" notes. Anyone in the Address Book can be listed as the prescriber on a reference script.
  • A setting in the System Preferences table allows non-prescribers to write prescriptions by overriding the prescriber ID.

Prescription Printing & Sending

  • The permission Prescription_print must be granted in order for a user to print or send a prescription. If the user has not been granted this permission, the button will be disabled.
  • Licensed prescribers may only print and send scripts for which they are the listed prescriber. If you need to release a colleague's script, you must either edit or refill the existing script to place it in your name, or have a non-prescriber print it.
  • Only Level 1 providers and non-provider members of the staff will be able to print prescriptions for any provider.
  • Non-licensed providers (RN/MA) can only print an ongoing prescription if an authorized provider has already refilled it.
  • Non-licensed providers (RN/MA) can only print an ongoing prescription if a system administrator has applied the Prescription_Print permission directly to these users in the Security Settings.
  • Non-licensed providers (RN/MA) cannot send as agents for e-prescribing in this release, but that will be a future capability.

Note on Provider Levels

If a supervising provider chooses to make an MA/RN a Level 2 provider with refilling rights, then THE SUPERVISOR'S NAME WILL BE PRINTED as the prescriber (and thus documented) on the script. The MA/RN must choose a Supervising Provider and print the prescription with a Supervising MD template under Alt printing options. Please note, however, that RN, LPN and MA are NOT legal prescribers, and that responsibility for making this decision lies solely with your practice, though it is expressly discouraged by Connexin staff.

The best (and most HIPAA-compliant) solution is to leave ALL RN, MA, and LPNs as Level 1 providers (the legal definition), with no rights to refill or write prescriptions unless they are the Med-Reference Only scripts. Apply the Prescription_Print right to each of these staff members, thus allowing them to print all scripts written by the appropriate provider.

Roles within DrFrist E-prescribing Application

Please click on the link below for more information on the different e-prescribing levels.

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