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Print a Statement from the Patient Chart

Version 14.19
Path: Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab > Patient Chart button > Statements


A patient or insurance statement can be printed at any time from the patient chart. Patient statements can also be sent to the Statement Queue from the patient chart.

Print a Patient Statement 

  1. Navigate to the Statements section of the patient chart using the path above.
  2. Select the transactions that you want to print on the statement:
  • In the Transactions to Include section of the window, select the appropriate radio buttons depending on what transactions should be included on the statement.

  • If choosing to select specific transactions, use the Shift button on your keyboard to select a group of transactions. If the transactions you want to include are not in order, use the Ctrl button on your keyboard to select the transactions to include.
  1. Click the Pat Statement button. The statement for all selected transactions will either print directly to the printer or launch a Print Preview window depending of the setting on your workstation.
Version 14.10

A statement can be printed at anytime for a patient from the Patient Account.

  1. Click on the Patient Account button .
  2. Click on the Statements tab .
  • Select the transactions that you want to print on the Statement by clicking to highlight the line item. Use the Shift/Ctrl functions on your keyboard to select all or specific claim lines.
  1. Once all desired transactions have been selected, click the Statement button either Insurance or Patient  in the upper left corner. The system will print a Statement for all selected transactions.

  1. To print a family statement select Family under Statement Scope.