Print Single Superbill

Version 14.10
Path: Smart Toolbar > Schedule button > Calendar tab


This page will instruct you on printing an individual superbill.

When a patient makes an appointment on the schedule, and the office is using paper superbills, it may be necessary to print the patient's superbill prior to the patient coming in for their scheduled visit. From the patient's appointment on the calendar:

  1. Left click once to highlight the patient.   

  1. Right click once to bring up a menu of action items to do for the selected patient.
  2. Select the option to Print OP_Superbill.

Calendar: Print OP Superbill

  1. A print preview image will appear. Notice that Office Practicum will pre-populate the patient's information, based on what is on the patient's registration. When ready, click on the Printer button  to print the superbill. Click on the Close button when done. 

Calendar: OP Superbill