Privacy Consent

Version 14.19

About the Patient Chart: Privacy/Data Sharing

Path: Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab > Patient Chart button > Privacy/Sharing

Whether a new patient is entering your practice or your practice is transitioning from paper to electronic records, creating a Patient Register record is the first step in registering a patient in your database. The Patient Register assigns each patient a unique patient ID number, and automatically creates a Patient Chart for the patient.

Using the patient register you can:

  • Link Families
  • Confirm a new patient needs to be registered
  • Register a new patient
  • Print a patient’s demographics
  • Copy a sibling’s register record
  • Add relatives or contacts to a patient’s register record
  • Add, edit, copy or validate insurance
  • Add miscellaneous notes
  • Add privacy restrictions
  • View and add consent forms
  • View and add to the patient’s coordination of care
  • Change the family address.

The Privacy/Data Sharing window allows you to add privacy information and restrictions to the patient register.

Patient Register: Privacy/Data Sharing Map


Privacy/Sharing button

The Privacy/Sharing button opens the Privacy/Data Sharing window in the patient's chart.

Overall Medical Records VisibilityThe Overall Medical Records Visibility sets the visibility level for the entire patient medical record (optional).  In the case that there is a critical, sensitive matter (ex: abuse, high-profile), the overall medical record visibility can be set to an option higher than Any staff member. Upon setting the overall medical records visibility to Clinical Staff Only or higher, the chart toolbar color will change from blue to red to inform you this is a restricted chart. While in the register, the patient bottom toolbar will also change from blue to red.
SSNThe SSN field is where you enter the patient's social security number (optional).  The social security number can be stored here for reference if needed for reporting purposes in the office or for other insurance needs.
Contact Privacy ConstraintsThe Contact Privacy Constraints field is an optional field that sets constraints that require contact or medical information to only be shared with specific guardians.
Privacy NotesThe Privacy Notes field is an optional field where you can enter additional privacy notes. This can be the location that indicates why the record is kept private (ex: abuse, high-profile).
Documented Consent of Submission to Third PartyThe Document Consent of Submission to Third Party lists the consents to release medical information to third parties.  The type of consent, the status of the consent, start and end dates, and additional notes are shown here.
Immunization Registry Reminder/Recall PreferenceThe Immunization Registry Reminder/Recall Preference field indicates how a patient is contacted about immunizations.  The field displays the selected immunization registry applied to the patient as well as the reminder/recall preference method for the patient.
Version 14.10

About Privacy Consent

Path: Smart Toolbar > Register button > Privacy tab

The Privacy Consent window allows you to set different privacy constraints when contacting the patient outside of the office, as well as setting the overall medical record visibility.

Privacy Consent Map



Privacy ConstraintsPrivacy Constraints are for patients that need to have protected health information released only to certain individuals.


Visibility dropdownThe Visibility dropdown sets the visibility level for the entire patient medical record. In the case where there is a critical sensitive matter (ex: abuse, high-profile) the overall medical record visibility can be set to an option higher than Any Staff Member.


Privacy NotesOptional privacy notes are entered here.  Notes in this location can indicate why the record is to be kept private. (ex: abuse, high-profile).


Documented ConsentThe Document Consent field lists the document consent form submission to a third party. Each state has its own requirement for consent documentation. 


Immunization RegistryThe Immunization Registry field selects the immunization registry reminder/recall preference.