Process E-Bill Adjudications for Interest Payments

Version 14.10
Path: Smart Toolbar > Account button > Payment tab


Interest payments received through an ERA adjudication will automatically process to a generic account setup for payments/retractions that OP cannot specifically trace to a specific patient account. The generic account is acct #-5, Provider Adj. E-Billing. OP will automatically create a claim which will appear on your current claims tab. OP will only make adjudications visible to the user if the corresponding charge transaction is archived (i.e. daysheeted). Since OP creates a current claim to post these interest transactions against, you will first need to run a daysheet so that these adjudications will be visible for posting. Interest payments received via an ERA should be handled the same as you would an interest payment received on a physical EOB. If your office does not take an action for this payment, you can simply refer to Option 1 below. If, however, your office would like to post the interest payment to a specific patient, you would need to refer to Option 2 below.

Process e-Billing Adjudications

  1. Enter an interest charge for the payment amount on the specified account.
Note: Refer to Add Miscellaneous CPT, eg. Interest, for the Purpose of Posting a Payment.

Note: If you cannot identify which patient the interest was actually for, apply it to the patient with the oldest claim paid on the adjudication.
  1. Manually post the Insurance Payment for the interest payment to the specified account. See Entering an Insurance Payment from the Patient Account.
  2. On the Adjudications tab  of the e-Billing center, change the match status of the interest adjudication (as assigned to an account by the name of Provider Adj. E-Billing) to Discard, approve and post the transaction. 
  3. Click the Account button to go into the account -5, Provider Adj. E-Billing.
  4. Click on the Claims tab .
  5. Locate and click on the claim with the interest payment so that it appears highlighted.
  6. Click on the minus Void button  to delete this "claim".
  7. Click Yes when prompted "This action will delete the entire claim, Are you Sure?"