Promoting Interoperability (MU Stage 3) Learning Resource

Welcome to Promoting Interoperability (MU Stage 3) Learning Resource

For practices participating in the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program in 2020, the EP (Eligible Provider) must use Certified Health Record Technology (CEHRT), meet performance for the Objectives and Measures and report performance on a set of Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs).

In 2019 Office Practicum delivered OP 20, our 2015 Edition certified version. This includes our partnering with CQMsolution, who specialized in development and maintenance of Clinical Quality Measures and InteliChart for the new OP Patient Portal.

Familiarize Yourself

In preparation for the reporting period, you need to review the following:

Note: The InteliChart Open API provides a set of methods for retrieval integration with the InteliChart HIE. Access to the API requires authentication with the InteliChart Open API Authorization server in order to obtain the requisite token. For detailed information for InteliChart API, click here

Preparing and Reporting CQMs

In preparation for CQM reporting, you will need to update your database LOINC codes for diagnostic tests including lab tests, x-rays, ultrasounds and other procedures. In addition, Taxonomy codes for the specialist to whom you refer patients will need to be assigned.

Meeting the Measures

If you would like to review information in Dr. Berman's MU corner, click here.