Proxy (Prescriber Agent)

Version 14.8

Proxy (Prescriber Agent)

A Proxy or Prescriber Agent is any individual who creates and transmits a prescription on behalf of a provider. Office Practicum supports the use of Prescciber Agents to prescribe or refill specific medications on behalf of a provider. To review the Proxy workflow in OP, click here.

When a Proxy or Prescriber Agent prescribes a medication, Office Practicum adds that information to the eRx Summary. OP 14 also sends this information to the pharmacy.

When a Proxy or Prescribing Agent selects a Prescriber who uses a Supervising Provider, OP 14 automatically populates the Supervisor field in the Prescription Writer window with the Supervising Provider the presciber selected the last time they sent a prescription.

Note: The Proxy or Prescribing Agent has the ability to edit the Supervisor field in the Prescription Writer window. The following screen capture shows the Supervisor field populated but grayed out (indicating that it is not editable).

OP 14 adds the Proxy or Prescriber Agent and the Supervising Provider to the eRx Summary.