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How do I set up a nurse for proxy privileges?

Your scribe should always be logged in as themselves, not the main provider, so that their work can be tracked. However, the main provider will ultimately review and sign off on the note.

Here is a review of e-Prescribing privileges:

  • If an MA/Nurse is given Send privileges, then the MA/Nurse can send a script that a provider has written without making any changes.
  • If an MA/Nurse is given Proxy privileges, then the MA/Nurse can create and send a script for a medication that has been tagged as Available by Proxy. This script will need to be cosigned in the eRx Center. When creating the script, the MA/Nurse will indicate who the Supervisor is and their name will appear on the script.
  • Mid-Levels: If the NP has full e-Prescribing privileges and is not writing scripts via Proxy, they cannot send another provider's scripts whether they are a mid-level or a physician. This is because each provider is responsible for their work, and if they make any changes to the prescription their name would need to be on the script. 
  • Staff who have Send privileges can only send prescriptions as written.
  • Staff with full prescribing privileges could edit the prescription, and if they did it should be assigned to their name.

Prescription levels are set in the Staff/Provider directory, and each person who has Proxy privileges needs to have paperwork filled out with OP. Remember, for all the medications you would like your nurses to write, you must create a favorite for that medication and mark it as a proxy med.