Q3: What You Don't Know Can Hurt Your Patients and Your Practice

Our focus for Q3 is to identify and work to close clinical and financial gaps that could hurt your patients and your Practice.

Gaps in patient care are created when we fail to follow up with patients referred to specialists, sent for a diagnostic test, or recently prescribed a medication. This quarter, we'll address best practices for all of these areas to make sure gaps are closed, our patients receive great care, and Practice financials are prioritized.

Two-Part Webinar Series: Improving Clinical & Financial Outcomes

Part 1: Closing the Loop on Care Recording & Slide Deck

  Slide Deck

Part 2: Managing the Financial Health of Your Practice - Register Now!

Click here to register for Part 2 of the two-part webinar series: Improving Clinical & Financial Outcomes happening Tuesday, August 24 at 1 PM ET. In this live webinar, Dr. Sue Kressly, MD, FAAP, and Alisa Vaughn, CMPE will discuss strategies for managing your Practice's financial health, including:

  • Engaging Providers in financial conversations
  • Developing expertise in coding, billing, and payment oversight
  • Reviewing KPIs monthly to ensure you're meeting your financial goals
  • Understanding the value of a budget and business plan

Identify Clinical Care Gaps with Demographic Analysis/Recall Reports

Care Plan Recalls

Vaccine Status Recalls

Identify Clinical Care Gaps by Tracking Referrals

Podcast: Getting From Here to There | Referrals & Transitions of Care

In this episode of the PediaTrick's Podcast, you'll hear BJ Bloom, OP's Clinical Product Director, talk about her experience as a pediatric nurse and the important impact that referrals have on patient care.

Referral and Transition of Care Workflows

From Tracking entries to issuing Referrals, various Referral and Transition of Care workflows can be found here.

Review Referrals by SQL

  • Referral Review SQLThis report shows the following information: Patient chart number, First name, Last name, Location, Referral date, Provider to whom the patient was referred, Referral category/type, Dx code(s), Referring Provider, and Status of referral.

Leverage Care Plans to Optimize Patient Care

Map Out What You Want to Accomplish With Care Plans

Work through these 5 steps as a Practice team before building Care Plans in OP. When you're ready to start building, click here for how-to instructions.