RCM Life Newsletter: December 2021 Edition

Reimbursement Available For COVID Care Provided to Uninsured Patients
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There is good news for Practices that provide COVID-related care to patients without insurance! Reimbursement for services like testing, treatment, and vaccination can be obtained through the U.S. Department of Human Services. Visit the Health Resources & Services Administration website to apply for a temporary insurance ID number for these patients. We'll add the payer to your Payer List upon your request if it is not already present. Here are some helpful links: 

HRSA: COVID-19 Claims Reimbursement  |  HRSA: Providers COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet

Please reach out to us via rcmlife@officepracticum.com with any questions!

Email our new Process Improvement Associate inbox at rcmlife@officepracticum.com for urgent issues or non-claim-specific questions. A ticket will automatically be created and routed to your Process Improvement Associate.
Completing Billing Tasks for Credit Card Errors
RCM Team Spotlight

You've probably seen Billing Tasks for Credit Card Payment Errors -- these are automatically created when Instamed Credit Card payments cannot be processed to a patient's chart. This is usually because invalid info, such as a mistyped patient name or Patient ID number, was entered by the parent. Here are some workflow recommendations for daily balancing when this occurs:

  1. Review Billing Tasks to reconcile with Instamed.
  2. Manually add the credit that could not be matched into the patient's chart.
  3. Mark the task as completed.
  4. Educate the parent on how to correctly enter the payment to prevent future errors.

For detailed steps on working these Tasks, see Automated Billing Task for Credit Card Payment Error.

Team Member  Stacey Trammell
Contact Info  strammell@officepracticum.com
Current Role  Process Improvement Specialist
Experience  Stacey started out in pediatrics as a medical receptionist before she found her passion in medical billing. While she has worked in several different specialties, she is happy to have found her way back to pediatrics! Stacey is super excited to bring her expertise to OP and looks forward to a positive and productive career with OP RCM.
Fun Facts  As of July, Stacey is a newlywed! She's also a mother to three beautiful girls and has a dog.

Patient Statements: Why the Method Matters

The second most diligent way to stay on top of patient collections (aside from the first way which is to collect copayment at the time of service) is to regularly send patient statements. In order for statements to be sent, or balances to be paid, a Statement Method must be selected in the Insurance section of the Patient Chart.  If a method is not selected, the patient will not be sent a statement. Best practices are to:

  • Select one of four Statement Method options when registering a new patient and entering their insurance into OP
  • Confirm a selection when verifying insurance

More information about how to select a patient's Statement Method and a description of each can be found here.

Office Practicum Holiday Closures

OP will be closed on Friday, December 24, 2021, and Friday, December 31, 2021. On these days, OP Technical Support is available for on-call emergencies. An emergency is defined as a Practice-down where no user can log into OP.