RCM Life Newsletter: February 2022 Edition

Vaccine Inventory: More Than Knowing What's On HandContact Us

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RCM Team Member Spotlight

Team Member  Maria Alonso
Contact Info  malonso@officepracticum.com
Current Role  Payor Enrollment Specialist
Experience  Before coming to OP, Maria spent several years working in Medical Practices in North Carolina as an Administrative Support Assistant. Since joining the OP family, she's also held the role of an ERA Enrollment Specialist. Maria is so excited to help to make a difference in her new role.
Fun Facts  Maria is just a few months away from graduating from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Administration! She was born and raised in North Carolina, enjoys traveling and visiting historical museums, and has a 6-year-old dog named Diesel.

You might not realize it, but maintaining an accurate Vaccine Inventory impacts more than ensuring proper vaccine storage and handling practices are followed. It also plays an integral role in successful claim submission and payment! Unfortunately, we've experienced denials of entire claims due to a missing or invalid NDC on the vaccine CPT. Refer to this Vaccine Inventory Quick Reference Guide, where you'll learn everything you need to know about maintaining your Vaccine Inventory. To learn more about how NDCs impact claims, see National Drug Code (NDC) Claims Filing Tips.

New Title, Same Reliable Resource

We're excited to announce that the Process Improvement Specialists have been given a new title -- RCM Client Services Specialist (CSS). The duties and responsibilities of this role have not changed, and the CSS will continue to be your primary contact for RCM-related issues and questions. The CSS oversees the day-to-day billing activities in your account and serves as the liaison between our Billing Team and your Practice.

Best Practices and Tips for Managing Patient Balances

We know that collecting patient balances can be tough. Here are some Best Practices and Tips for getting ahead of your Patient A/R. 
  • Financially link your patients. This helps your staff see the Family's total balance. In addition, one statement can be sent and patient credits can easily be transferred amongst the linked patients. 
  • Collect patient balances at check-in. Run this report and have it on hand as you're checking in patients or run it ahead of time and make Billing Notes on accounts with balances.
  • Keep credit cards on file. This report will identify balances with credit cards on file.
Coding for Medical Nutrition Therapy

Proper coding for Medical Nutrition Therapy often requires at least two ICD-10 codes to support the reason for the visit. Supporting documentation is also often required in the event an appeal for payment needs to be made. Here, you'll find some great tips provided by the AAPC, to review if your Practice offers these services.