RCM Life Newsletter: November 2021 Edition

Leveraging the RCM Performance Report
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Are you looking for a more hands-on approach to monitoring the revenue cycle of your Practice? Take advantage of the RCM Performance Report, a helpful reporting tool for both the OP RCM Team and RCM Practices to see a rolling summary report for important billing items. This report makes it easy to identify problem payers, based on claim payment turnaround time!

Email our new Process Improvement Associate inbox at rcmlife@officepracticum.com for urgent issues or non-claim-specific questions. A ticket will automatically be created and routed to your Process Improvement Associate.
Update on Coding for Feeding Difficulties
RCM Team Spotlight
Last month, we provided you with an update outlining some of the ICD-10 code changes that are likely to impact coding in Pediatric Practices. This month, we want to give you another quick update on a code that has been made inactive as of 10/1/2021. R63.3 is now replaced with more specific codes. If any of your Templates include diagnosis code R63.3, be sure to update them to reflect one of the following codes:

  • R63.30- Feeding difficulties, unspecified
  • R63.31- Pediatric feeding disorder, acute
  • R63.32- Pediatric feeding disorder, chronic
  • R63.39- Other feeding disorders

A complete list of the ICD-10 coding changes, effective October 1, 2021, can be found here on the OP Help Center.

Team Member  Ross Richardson
Contact Info  rrichardson@officepracticum.com
Current Role  Process Improvement Associate (PIA)
Experience  Ross comes from a family of medicine. His parents are Physicians, and he has RNs and CRNAs in the family! He, however, is most interested in the revenue side of healthcare. He's passionate about making sure that Providers and Medical entities can practice medicine and not be bogged down worrying about the financial aspect of things.
Fun Facts  "I am a classically trained pianist, I love dogs, and I like to read a lot about philosophy, meditation, mindfulness, and spirituality."

Handling Surveys After the Date of Service
If you find that in the midst of busy days full of in-office appointments, telehealth visits, and patient calls you forgot to document a Survey, or if you left a Survey incomplete, we’ve got some tips for how to fix this.
  • If the Survey was completed on paper, make sure to enter it into the patient's chart (or Visit Note, if unfinalized), and mark it Informed or Complete.
  • Use the Surveys options in the Main Navigation Panel in OP to access open Surveys where you can mark them Informed or Complete. TIP: If you started the Survey during the visit, make sure to update the Reviewed Date to the date of the patient's visit.

More information on how to ensure Surveys are sent to superbills can be found in Billing for Surveys.

Office Practicum Holiday Closures

OP will be closed on Friday, December 24, 2021, and Friday, December 31, 2021. On these days, OP Technical Support is available for on-call emergencies. An emergency is defined as a Practice-down where no user can log into OP.