RCM Performance

Version 14.19

About RCM Performance

Path: Billing tab > RCM button (Reports group) > RCM Performance

The RCM Performance window provides a rolling summary report for billing items. Using this window allows you to see who your problem payers are based on claim payment turnaround time. You can see daily or monthly summaries based on a selected date range. Results can be exported to CSV. This window is not fully implemented at this time. 

RCM Performance Map

Daily SummariesThe Daily Summaries tab displays daily billing transactions based on the specified date range.
Monthly SummariesThe Monthly Summaries tab displays montly transactions based on the specified date range.
Date Range selectionsDate Range selections set the range of dates for the data that appear in the Daily Summaries or Monthly Summaries grid.
Save CSVThe Save CSV button exports the displayed grid data as a .csv file.
Version 14.10

The RCM Performance window map is not available for OP 14.