Recommended Scanner Brands

The following Specifications and Recommendations made by Office Practicum are based solely on what has worked for our clients.
We are in no way endorsing the use of one product over another. Please consult with your IT Professional to make sure your devices meet our minimum requirements.

Windows 10 is supported on OP versions 14.6 and up.

All scanners must be Twain compliant.

Standard Scanner Brands

We recommend the following standard scanners brands:

  • HP
  • Xerox
  • Fujitsu
  • Epson

Barcode Scanners

Bar code scanners can be used for Vaccine inventory tracking.

Recommended Brand: DataLogic (Gryphon)

Welch Allyn Vitals devices are not supported.

Card scanners that work in OP

Insurance card scanners can also be used in Office Practicum . 

Recommended brands:

  • ScanShell 
  • BizCardReader (901 series or DuplexScan series)

Network Scanners

The following recommended brands are:

  • Brother
  • Epson

Card Swipes and Keyboards

Credit card scanners can be used to capture patient payment information.

Recommended Brand: Magtek

ScanSnaps are not compliant.