Reconcile Monies Received on a Daily Basis - Pre-Go Live

Version 14.8

Follow the steps below to balance all monies collected for a date of service. This process should be done prior to running the daysheet. 

  1. Click the Billing button  to open the e-Billing center.  
  2. Click on the Current Receipts tab .  

  1. OP will automatically sum the total payments for each payment method. Be sure to verify patient payment totals as well as insurance payment totals. 

  1. Click expand grid  at the bottom to view payment details.
  2. Reconcile the totals, by method of payment, against your physical monies received for the day.
Note: You can isolate payments by any of the set parameters (including date, staff member, provider, location, etc) by simply selecting that parameter from the corresponding dropdown list.

  1. Or drag and drop columns to the gray header.

  1. Click the Print Gridbutton for a copy.