Grid Report: Reconciling Your Inventory

Version 14.8

The Grid Report in Office Practicum will allow you to reconcile your inventory. Printing the grid report will give you a snapshot of what is currently in your Office Practicum Inventory to compare to what is currently in your vaccine refrigerator(s).

Note:  To get into the Vaccine Inventory click on Activities > Maintain Vaccine Inventory.

Printing the Grid Report

  1. To run a Vaccine Inventory report separately for VFC and Private stock, click in the upper right hand corner of the  VFC column. Choose True for VFC, False for Private. Or, if you would like a report with both, ignore this step.
  2. On the left side of the middle section of the window are two print buttons. Click the print button marked .  A printable Vaccine Inventory list will open in a new window.

  1. Here you will have a formatting and document handling toolbar.
  2. The buttons are grouped.
  1. Report (Load, Save, Design, Rebuild)
  2. Output (Print, Print Dialog, Export to PDF)
  3. Format (Page Setup, Format, Background, Width)
  4. Zoom
  5. Navigation
  6. Preview
  7. Close Print Preview
Note:  In addition to checking expiration dates of lots in your inventory when conducting a check of your Vaccine Inventory, be sure to check that all borrowed lots have been returned.