Recording: eFax Virtual Learning Event (Presented May 4, 2022)

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 Top 3 Learning Event Questions and Answers
Q: What does the faxing of a Referral entail? Is it sent as several faxes?

A: With the new eFax feature you would navigate to the Referral/TOC and click print. From the Print Preview Click Transmit and it will pull all the necessary components for a Referral from OP. You will not need to piece the Referral information together.*

*This assumes that the Report Criteria built for a Referral includes all of the necessary documentation that you'd typically send with a Referral."

Q: How much does eFax cost?
A: Contact the Account Management Team for pricing.

Q: Will our Fax number change? Can we still use our fax number for our fax machine?

A: You may port your existing local or toll-free fax number for eFax. Once it's ported successfully, then you cannot use this same number with your actual fax machine. Alternatively, you may request a new fax number.