Referrals and Transitions of Care (TOC)


Referrals and Transitions of Care
This section will go over how to review and complete open referral requisitions. In addition, the user will be introduced to how to monitor the open referral and perform follow up.
Viewing or Editing a Previous Referral
This will show you how to view or edit a previous referral.
Writing a Referral to a Specialist
This will show you how to write a referral to a specialist.
Re-issuing a Referral Letter
This will show you how to re-issue a referral letter.
Referral Workflow: Create a Response to a Referral
Version 14.19 Overview In this article you will be presented with a workflow to complete a referral, which can be referenced as closing the referral loop. The article is written after the specialist report has been received, scanned and assigned...
Referral Workflow: Create a Tracking Entry
Version 14.19 Overview A tracking entry is typically created when a report is sent to the practice from an ER or Urgent Care visit. It can also include a specialist report where a referral was not initiated by the practice. The steps below will ...