Referrals and Transitions of Care (TOC)


Referrals and Transitions of Care
This section will go over how to review and complete open referral requisitions. In addition, the user will be introduced to how to monitor the open referral and perform follow up.
Writing a Referral to a Specialist
This will show you how to write a referral to a specialist.
Viewing or Editing a Previous Referral
This will show you how to view or edit a previous referral.
Re-issuing a Referral Letter
This will show you how to re-issue a referral letter.
Reconcile Incoming Transitions of Care (CDA)
Learn how to reconcile a transition of care that is received as an inbound CDA.
Referral Workflow: Create a Response to a Referral
Complete a referral response by reviewing scanned documents, documenting additional information, and reconciling the response to ensure accuracy.
Referral Workflow: Create a Tracking Entry
Understand how to create a tracking entry when receiving reports from ER, Urgent Care, or specialists.
Customize a CDA
Path: Clinical tab > More button (in Reference Data group) > Customize CDA Overview The format of CDA (or C-CDA) files can be customized so that only relevant information is displayed for the user. Sections of a CDA can be reordered or hid...
Create an On-Demand CDA
Overview On-Demand CDAs can be created and exported for a single patient from: A finalized Encounter or Well Visit note   Medical Records The CDA can be sent using Direct Messaging, or it can be saved to a local export location and Doc...
One-Time CDA Export
Learn how to create one-time CDA exports for patients, either from Demographic Analysis and Recall (DAR) or CDA Export Window.
Recurring CDA Export
Create recurring CDA exports for patients, export data regularly, and customize frequency intervals through the CDA Export window.
Send a CDA
About In addition to being able to send a CDA for a patient from a finalized Encounter or Well Visit or from a patient's Medical Records, a CDA can also be sent for a patient from the Message Center and from a Referral. The process of sending ...
Manage CDA Export Jobs
Learn how to view CDA Export Job Stages and/or error messages, download a local copy of an export file, and delete or inactivate CDA Export Jobs.
CDA Reconciliation Errors
A list of common errors you may see when reconciling CDAs, in which you will need to contract the sender and provide them with the error information.