Refilling a Prescription

Version 14.8

Existing prescriptions in a patient's Medication List can be refilled, meaning the medication is re-prescribed, and the new prescription is either printed for the patient electronically transmitted to the pharmacy (only prescriptions written in the e-Prescribing format, with NDC number attached, may be sent electronically). Note that only the dispense information of a refill prescription may be edited.

Note: To ensure that a member of your practice does not refill a medication that previously caused an allergic reaction, it is important that all drug reactions be entered in the patient's chart notes.
  1. Open the patient's Medication List.
  2. Select the checkbox to the left of the medication in the list that you would like to refill.
  3. With the medication selected, click the Refill button on the button bar. OP adds the medication to the selected patient's chart.

  1. Select the medication in the selected patient's chart.
  2. Click the Edit button (icon of a pencil). OP opens the Prescription Writer window for the selected medication.
  3. The prescription will open in a new window, where you can update the Days Supply, Dispense # and Refills field as necessary.
  4. Once finished updating the prescription, click the Send button to send to the Pharmacy of if there are multiple prescriptions click on the Save button. You will return to the Medication List.

  1. To send the prescription electronically, click the checkbox to the left of the medication to select the prescription (you can send more than one prescription at a time), then click the Send button. Note that if the prescription was not originally in the e-Prescribing format, you will have to re-write the prescription so that it includes an NDC number.