Confirm a New Patient Needs to be Registered
This page instructs searching for a patient prior to creating a new record. This will confirm the patient is or is not currently in Office Practicum therefore preventing duplicate records.
Register a New Patient
Follow the instructions below to register a new patient. This step should be done only after first confirming a patient needs to be registered.
Copy a Sibling's Register Record
This page will instruct you on how to copy a sibling's register record to another sibling.
Change Family Address
This will show you how to update the patient's address.
Adding Contacts to a Patient's Register Record
Contacts are entered into a patient's register to keep record of who is responsible for the patient.
Merging Contacts
This will teach you to merge contacts.
Making an Insurance Record Inactive
This page will instruct you on how to make an insurance record inactive.
Modifying a Patient Insurance Record
This page will instruct on how to edit a patient's insurance record.
Create a New Insurance Record
In this section you will find instructions on adding an insurance to the patient record.
Statement Method Options
Version 14.19 Note : In order for the guarantor's name to appear in this dropdown, he or she must first be added as a Contact in the patient's Register. Follow the instructions to enter the guarantor as a contact by clicking h...
Validation Feature
This page will instruct you on how to validate insurance and troubleshoot validation errors.
Copying Insurance Information From a Family Member
This page will instruct you on how to copy a sibling's insurance record.
Print from Patient Register
This will teach you to print from the patient register.
Adding Misc. Notes
This page will instruct you on how to add a Miscellaneous Note.
View and Add to the Patient's Coordination of Care
This page will instruct you on viewing and adding a Patient's Coordination of Care.
Linking Families in OP 14
This will teach you how to link families in OP 14.
Merging Duplicate Patient Charts
In the event that a patient is registered twice in OP and has two charts, users can 'Merge' the charts after deciding which Chart contains the most valuable information.
Create a Wait List
Version 14.19 Overview Your practice may wish to create a wait list. The wait list can be used to locate patients needing an earlier appointment or patients waiting to join the practice. Below are options for each scenario you may consider. Be s...