Register a Patient While in the Office (With a PIN)


Practice staff may choose to assist a parent/guardian with the process of completing their portal registration while the parent/guardian is in the office. The workflow below assumes that the Practice has printed a PIN from OP and issued it to the parent/guardian.

Important: If you're completing this workflow for patients registered with an unofficial name, such as Baby Boy or Baby Girl, you must update the patient's Basic Info to reflect their given name before issuing a PIN.


To walk the parent through the registration with a PIN printout from OP: 

  1. Navigate to the practice's Patient Portal URL located at the top of the OP printout.
  2. Click Let's Get Started.
  3. Click Yes when asked if you have a PIN.

  1. Click Child or Dependent when asked you you're registering or click Myself if the person registering is the patient and is of age to have their own portal account.

  1. In the Child/Dependent screen, enter the child/dependent's birthday and PIN from the printout.
  2. (Optional) If also adding additional children, click +Add another child or dependent and complete their information as well.
  3. Click CONTINUE.
  4. In the Parent/Guardian screen, have the parent complete their information.
  5. Have the parent select a Security Question, provide the Answer, and accept the Terms & Conditions.