Remove Access to a Patient Portal Account

The content below is relevant to the OP Patient Portal, powered by InteliChart.


Access to a patient's portal account can be terminated in the OP Practice Portal by removing the association of the parent/guardian.


  1. Navigate to Patient Administration: Navigation Panel > Patient Administration.
  2. Search for the patient:
    1. Click the Account button in the Search Patients panel.
    2. Enter the Last name, First name or Date of Birth of the patient.
    3. Select a Search Option from the Search by drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Select button in the Actions column or the Patient Name to display the Patient Account page.
  4. Click Remove Access in the Associations panel. A message is displayed to notify you that the Access has been removed. The associated account is listed with a note that access was removed and the date removed. If the access was removed in error select Undo.
  5. Repeat these steps for each association you would like to remove access.