We are currently updating the OP Help Center content for the release of OP 14.19 or OP 19. OP 19 is a member of the certified OP 14 family of products (official version is 14.19.1), which you may see in your software (such as in Help > About) and in the Help Center tabs labeled 14.19. You may also notice that the version number in content and videos may not match the version of your software, and some procedural content may not match the workflow in your software. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make these enhancements.

Reordering, Hiding, and Showing Tabs

Version 14.19

Refer to the following videos to learn how to do this in OP 19:

Personalize the Encounter Navigation Panel

Personalize the Navigation Panel

Version 14.10


OP 14 contains functionality that allows you customize left tabs. You can determine which tabs are visible and the order in which they appear. This customization is user-specific. You may find that Clinical Staff may organize their tabs in a way that is different than that of a Provider. Additionally, remember that permissions also dictate what tabs appear for each user. In the image below, you can see that the Diagnostic Tests tab of the Chart window is located toward the bottom of the visible tabs. A provider may find it more appropriate per his or her Chart review workflow to have a specific tab higher up in the left-tab panel.

Note: Not all tabs are customizable. Functions will be grayed-out for certain tabs when the function is not available.

Move Tabs Up and Down in a Window

  1. Click the tab that you would like to move.
  2. Right-click and select Move Diagnostic Tests up or Move Diagnostic Tests down.
  3. Continue to right-click and make that selection until the tab is in the desired location.

Hide Tabs

  1. Click the tab that you would like to hide.
  2. Right-click and select Hide Diagnostic Tests tab.

Show Hidden Tabs

  1. Right-click on any visible tab.
  2.  Select Show Diagnostic Tests tab.

Note: All hidden tabs (if appropriate to the individual user's permissions) will be listed as an option to be shown.  

Open a Window on a Specified Tab

You will notice as you right-click to organize your tabs in the Schedule and Practice Workflow, Well Visit Note, and Encounter Note windows that you have the option to 'Always Open on' a specified tab.  

After you have organized your tabs in a way that is meaningful to your individual workflow, save your work by clicking the Pref button in the Smart Toolbar. 

  • Select 'Active' to save the current window.
  • Select 'All' to save the organization of all open windows.