Reporting and Tracking Automated Messages


With the use of PMX+ Automated Messages, you will be able to run reports on certain statuses. You will also be able to track notifications when an appointment is canceled, and message details from within the patient's chart.


Reporting for Automated Messages includes both the Delivery and Appointment Cancellation Status.

User Permission Note: 

  • To receive a message to your Direct Message inbox when an appointment is canceled, you will need to have Direct Messaging enabled, as well as the Global Preference Track Appt Cancellation
  • To review Appointment Cancellation Status Reports you will need to have Database Viewer enabled.

Delivery Status

To view the report on Delivery Status, navigate to Practice Management > Patient Message eXchange > Messages Sent.

You can filter the Message Type to show only "Automated Message", and view the delivery details associated with that message. See the Review PMX Messages Sent section of the Patient Message Exchange (PMX) to Confirm Appointments for more details.

Appointment Cancellation Status (SQL)

To view the report on Appointment Cancellation Status, navigate to Tools > Database Viewer > SQL tab.

Run the following query to view all cancelled appointments between two dates. 

Note: This query shows all cancelled appointments in the date range.  They are not necessarily all appointments that were cancelled via the PMX+ modality.

To highlight and copy the code below to your clipboard, simply click the Copy button.

select patno, fname, lname, appt_date, code1, loc_name from schedule
inner join register on register.patno = schedule.patno
inner join location on = schedule.loc_id
where appt_date between :Start_date and :End_date and visit_status = 'Cancelled'
order by patno


In addition to reporting, we have also included easy tracking for your automated messages that include notifications when an appointment is canceled and message details from within your patient’s chart.

Cancelation Message

To view the notification received when an appointment is cancelled, navigate to Message Center > Unread Portal.

Note: You will only be able to receive tracking notifications if you have enabled the Track Appointment Cancellations toggle in the Automated Messaging Global Delivery Settings.

Automated Message Details in the Patient Chart

To view the details of the Automated Messages sent to a patient, navigate to the Patient's Chart > Messages > Patient Messages eXchange section. You will be able to see the Contact it was sent to, the mode of the notifcation (Cell, Text; Email; etc.), the message details, the Purpose, and the Sent and Delivery dates.