Introduction to Reports
The article explains the two types of reports in Office Practicum: predefined reports and easily accessible/modified reports generated through OP Reports.
OP Reports Home
The article explains the purpose of reports in Office Practicum, their accessibility, customization options, and how to request custom reports.
OP Reports: Practice Workflow Reports
The following reports are available and are included with a new install or update of Office Practicum.
Infrastructure Update Guide
To improve your OP system performance, we’re excited to announce that we are upgrading our infrastructure which includes a migration from Firebird to MySQL.
Audit Logs Usage
Select an individual patient, or see all changes from within a certain date range. Click on the various tabs to see an audit of individual reports, such as any changes made to a record, etc.
Audit Trail Codes and Their Meaning
The Audit Trail lists relevant codes when capturing changes made to your OP. Learn what those codes mean in this article.
Electronic Health Information (EHI) Export
Version 21.3 Path: Admin > Electronic Patient Records Export > New Electronic Patient Record Export Table of Contents: About EHI Exports can be created and managed through the Electronic Patient Records Export window. In t...
Designing Reports
The article provides a comprehensive guide on using the OP Reports program to create, modify, and run reports. It covers topics such as database structure, report creation, layout design, labels, variables, DB text, lines, shapes, sorting, searching, running reports, joining tables, grouping data, and lists common tables.
Clipping and Saving from the Clip-and-Save SQL Library
The article explains how to clip and save SQL code from the Clip-and-Save SQL Library to the OP Database Viewer.
Adding a Signature to a Report
The article explains how to add a signature to a report using the OP Database Viewer, involving joining tables and setting properties.
Adding an Image to a Report
This article instructs on how to add an image to a report.
Entering Dates Correctly
The article explains the differences between the DATE and DATETIME formats in OP and their impact on generating reports. It provides examples and guidelines for correct usage.
OP Report Sharing - OPREP Files
The article explains how to use OP Report Share, a utility for sharing practice reports with users at other practices. It covers exporting, importing, and locating reports.
OP Report Sharing - RTM Files
This article will instruct how to export a report, import a report using OP Report Share, import a report using Batch Import, and locate imported reports for files in the RTM Format.
Download Page for .rtm Files
The article explains how to add the user's logged-in practice location to in-house lab requisition reports. Importing .RTM files is necessary for this process.
Update General Letter Report When No Signature Printing
Overview This article discusses a workaround for updating General Letters, found in OP Reports, where a signature is not displayed. This process uses the OP Reports Designer (which requires permission to access), takes you through finding the bad s...
Auditable Events Tracking for Certification
The article highlights the updates in OP's Audit Log, which now includes tracking view access to Medication List, Allergy List, and Risk Assessment.
RCM Performance Report
Learn about the RCM Performance report.
SQL: Firebird and MySQL Differences
The article provides guidelines for writing SQL queries compatible with both Firebird and MySQL in OP software. It explains compatible and incompatible changes with examples and tips for ensuring proper query execution.