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Resolving Vaccine Registry Rejections


This article will aid you in resolving issues related to your immunization registry interface. For any bi-directional interface or near real-time uni-directional interface, when a patient is rejected from the registry, a task is created for someone at the office to address. 

Common reasons for rejection include:

  • Vaccination date occurs before birthdate.
  • Vaccination date occurs in the future.
  • Incorrect VFC eligibility status.
  • Temporary names (i.e. Baby Boy)

The following instructions are pertaining to states that support a bi-directional immunization registry interface and near-real time uni-directional interface such as:

  • Arizona: uni-directional
  • Arkansas: uni-directional
  • California (CAIR): uni-directional
  • Florida Shots: bi-directional 
  • Indiana: bi-directional
  • Kansas: bi-directional
  • LaLINKS: bi-directional
  • Louisiana: bi-directional
  • Michigan: uni-directional
  • Mississppi: bi-directional
  • Nevada: bi-directional
  • New York City NYCIR (not NYSIIS): bi-directional 
  • Pennsylvania PASIIS: bi-directional
  • Philadelphia: uni-directional
  • Washington: bi-directional

Viewing Registry Rejections 

Since the interface is highly automated, it is not readily apparent to the office staff that an issue has occurred. Office Practicum recommends that the office staff review the master task list at least weekly for any "Vaccine Registry" rejections. The majority of tasks can be resolved by the user; however, the error messages are not always clearly defined by the registry. If you see the patient was rejected, but do not understand the error, it is recommended that you contact the registry help desk to determine the issue. If the registry is unable to provider more detail, contact the OP Support Team. 

To view rejections:

  1. Click the Sched button on the Smart Toolbar. The Schedule and Practice Workflow window will open
  2. Select the Tasks tab.
  3. Set your Task parameters:

  • Select the Date requested radio button.
  • Enter the date range to review rejections.
  • Select the Selected Statuses radio button.
  • Select the Not started checkbox.
  • Select either All authorized locations or a Selected Location from the location dropdown.

The error message will appear in blue text under the patient's name.

Correct the Vaccine Entry

After determining the reason for the rejection, you will need to correct the vaccination information within the patient's chart: 

  1. Click the Chart button on the Smart Toolbar.
  2. If you are not already in the desired patient's chart, search for and select your patient.
  3. Click the Immunizations tab.
  4. Select Enter Immunization. If the Review window appears with alert, click Enter Immunization again. The Immunization Order Management window will open.
  5. Select the vaccine you will correct.
  6. Click Edit/Delete

  1. The Vaccine Info will open. Select the Check to allow edit checkbox. 

  1. Click the Edit button  and make necessary edits.
  2. Click the Post Edit  button  to save, and exit the window.

Complete the Task for the Rejection

Once you correct the error in the vaccine record, you will need to complete the rejection task.

  1. Navigate back to the Tasks tab of the Schedule and Practice Workflow window. 
  2. Locate the rejection task that has been corrected.
  3. Click in the status field for the task and use the dropdown to select Completed.

After the patient's vaccine record is updated and the task is completed, that task will be removed from view and the patient's information will be sent to the state's IIS.

Warning: Failure to set the task to Complete will prevent any future vaccines from being sent to the registry. In an attempt to prevent errors from being repeatedly sent to the registry, the interface will only send records for patients who do not have a pending task.

Additional Resources

  • Arizona: [ or (602) 364-3899
  • Indiana: (888) 227-4439 or
  • Kansas: (877) 296-0464 or
  • Louisiana: (504) 838-5300
  • Michigan: (888-243-6652) or
  • Mississippi: (601) 576-7751
  • Montana: (406) 444-5580 or (406) 444-9539
  • Nevada: (877) 689- 3249 or
  • New York City (NYCIR): 347-396-2400
  • Pennsylvania PASIIS (excluding Philadelphia): (717) 783-2548 or
  • Philadelphia: or (215) 685-6784
  • Washington: (206) 205-4141 or (800) 325-5599