Resolving Vaccine Registry Rejections

Version 21.2


When a patient is rejected from an immunization information system (IIS) registry for any bi-directional interface or near real-time uni-directional interface, a task is created for someone at the practice to address. Some common reasons for rejection include:

  • Vaccination date occurs before birthdate
  • Vaccination date occurs in the future
  • Incorrect VFC eligibility status
  • Temporary names (i.e. Baby Boy)

The following instructions apply to practices in states which support a bi-directional Immunization Registry interface and near real-time unidirectional interface.

View Registry Rejections

Since the interface is highly automated, practices may not be aware that an an issue has occurred. Office Practicum recommends that your staff review the master Task list at least weekly for any "Immunization Registry" rejections.

  1. Navigate to Tasks:  Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab > Tasks.
  2. Set your Tasks parameters to view the registry rejections.
  • Date range: Select the Created radio button and enter a date range (e.g. a recent past one-week or one-month period).
  • Status: Confirm Not started is selected in the Status section and the corresponding radio button.
  • Department(s): Click the All radio button.
  • Staff: Click the All radio button.
  • Location(s): Select either the All authorized radio button or the location radio button. To select a location, click the drop-down and select from the list.
  • Description contains: Enter "Registry "to focus the task list on messages containing the word registry.

      Here is an image that summarizes the search parameters listed above:

  1. Click the Search button to view the tasks:

Correct Registry Rejections

To evaluate and correct the vaccine registry errors, follow these steps.  

  1. Highlight a task row in the list, then click F8 (Chart shortcut.)
  2. Click Immunizations and select the Complete List tab.
  3. Locate the vaccine(s) with errors.  You'll see a red X [Received with Errors (Action Required) icon] in the Registry Status field.

  1. Click the red X to open the Transmission Details window.

  1. Here, you'll see the error message from the immunization registry   Review the error message, then click the Close button.
  2. Correct the error (see below).

How Do I Correct This Error?

Most error messages are clear enough that the user can resolve them without too much difficulty.   However, some messages sent by registries may be vague or may not clearly describe what needs to be fixed in the record.

If you see the patient or the patient's vaccine was rejected, but you do not understand the error, first contact your IIS registry help desk.  You may want to share the HL7 details with the registry staff.   To see the HL7 details for a particular rejection, in the Transmission Details window, click Show HL7 button.   

The VXU row is the message that your OP sent to the registry; the ACK row is the acknowledgement message (in this case, a rejection) sent back to you by the registry.

If the registry is unable to provide more detail, contact the OP Support Team.   Be prepared to share the VXU and ACK messages with OP Support.  For additional information on editing vaccine records, click here.

Requeue the Vaccine and Complete the Task

Once you have corrected the error in the vaccine record, you will need to requeue the vaccine for the registry, as well as  complete the rejection task.

  1. In Immunizations > Complete List, locate and highlight the vaccine you've corrected.  Then click the Requeue button.
  2. Now, navigate back to the Tasks window.
  3. Locate the rejection task that you just corrected.  Click the drop-down in the Status field and select Completed.

Additional Resources

For contact information for immunization registries, refer to this list maintained by the CDC.