Review a Patient's Documents

Version 14.8
Path: Smart Toolbar > Docs button 


This page will instruct you on how to review patient's scanned records.

View the Patient's Documents

  1. In the Manage Documents window, locate the patient in the Search box .  The Patient Directory will appear.
  2. Select the patient to view the patient's images.  The images will appear in the thumbnails pane, displaying the last item that was input into OP 14.

Thumbnails Panel
Displays thumbnails of each document selected in the Document List panel.
Preview Panel
Displays a preview of the content of the document selected in the Document List panel.
  1. Select the image to view it in the Preview pane.
  2. When you are finished viewing the image, close the window.

From the Event Chronology

  1. Open the Event Chronology by clicking on the Chron button .
  2.  Choose the patient from the Patient Directory. 
  3. Scanned items will appear with a scanner icon under the View column. 
  4. To view only scanned items, locate the Record Type column. Click on the drop-down arrow in the column heading for Record Type, and select Scanned items from the dropdown menu.