Review Diagnostic Tests

Version 14.10


This section will go over how to review and complete open lab requisitions. In addition, the user will be introduced to how to monitor the diagnostic tests and perform follow up. The user will be shown optional settings to ensure all open diagnostic tests are addressed. 

Review and Confirm In-House Labs

  1. Click the Diag Tests tab on the Schedule and Practice Workflow window.
  2. The Results Received/Reviewed window displays.

  • To view Diagnostic tests for other users, select the user from the dropdown or click the Everyone radio button in the Scope field.
  • The dates field is unavailable to change and All will be selected. This will allow you to see all requisitions including those with a status of Partial.
  1. Highlight a patient in the list to review the diagnostic test results.
  2. Check the expand all box so that all results are displayed.
  3. Select the Reviewed checkbox on each order.
    Review All button to mark all the results as Reviewed.
  4. Select final Requisition Status from the dropdown: Complete or Informed.

Review Open Lab Requisitions

  1. Click the Diag Tests tab from the Schedule and Practice Workflow window. The Results Received/Reviewed tab displays.
  2. Click the Pending Requisitions tab.


Review Requisition

Go to patient chart

Date Lab Requisition created

Patient Account ID

Patient name

Lab test name

Where specimen was collected

Optional ID fields for Specimen and Requisition

Lab name

Status of lab requisition

Date flagged for results to be returned