Review or Document Medications

Version 14.8


This section will introduce the users to the section of the note used to document or review medications. The user will be guided through the fields to easily review and document additional information. 

  1. Click the Med Review tab.

  1. To mark an individual medication as reviewed, click the paper clip icon located in the column to the left of the medication
    Click the Review button .
  2. To add a new medication, click the plus icon .
  3. The Prescription writer window display.

  1. Click the Purpose drop-down and select Med - reference only.
  2. Type the medication in the Drug field and click the ellipse button.
  3. The Medication Finder window displays. 

  1. Highlight the medication from the Matching Favorites tab or the Master List tab.
  2. Click the OK button.
  3. The Completed Prescription window displays.
  4. Complete the following fields.
  • Sig
  • Remove the dates from the Rx start date and Rx end date.
  • Click the checkbox, Include in chronic medication list, if medication is to be included as a chronic or ongoing medication.
  1. Click the Save button.