Review Receivables

Version 14.10
Warning: This report is under review for removal from OP 14. Results may be inaccurate until a fix is implemented or the report is removed. The same data can be obtained by using the Billing Transaction Analysis report.

When to Use this Report

Use this report to get a quick snapshot of all outstanding receivables by payer. This will allow users to quickly zero in, on the larger payer balances, by viewing the column Insurance Balance.

About Review Receivables

Path: Reports > Review Receivables (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [Alt][R][V])

The Review Receivables Report generates a list of transactions where the insurance or patient balance is greater than 0. It includes daysheet transactions, non-daysheet transactions, and voids.

Review Receivables Map



Print buttonThe Print button prints the report.


Refresh Grid buttonThe Refresh button refreshes the data in the transaction grid.


Receivables forThe Receivables for selections determine if the insurance or patient data appears in the transaction grid.


Bal. <>0 buttonClick the Bal. <>0 button to set a column filter to not show the patients with a zero balance.


Transaction GridThe transaction grid displays insurance or patient balances that are greater than 0. It can also display patients with zero balances.


Transaction DetailsThe highlighted transaction details are displayed in the transaction details. This includes the patient first name, last name, Account ID#, Date of Service, and Billing notes.


Stamp buttonThe Stamp button date stamps when an account was reviewed.


Proof buttonThe Proof button opens the Account Proof window. The Account Proof window is a read-only window that displays the proof for the patient and insurance balance information.


Navigation buttonsThe navigation buttons scroll through the transaction records.