Risk Assessment

Version 14.8

Under the Risk Assessment List, you can choose common risk factors and use them in the care plans for your patients. This helps with using OP for Meaningful Use as well as with OP Care Plans.


  1. Open the Patient Chart and choose a patient.
  2. Click the Risk Assessment tab  .
  3. Risk factors display based on the child's age.
  • Status field: To update a Risk Factor, click in the Status field to the left of the Risk Factor and choose a status.
  • Notes field: Enter notes/comments as needed.
  • PL: For a positive status, you can add the Risk Factor as a Problem in the patient's Problem List by clicking the button in the PL field.
  • Created By: Displays the name of the logged in user when opening the chart tab.
  • Status Date: Displays the current date. Date will update if previously entered when a Status change is made.
  1. Review Log tab:
  • Will display entries with the name, date and time each time the Green Checkmark is selected indicating the Risk Factors have been reviewed.
  1. Show all risk factors: At times you may wish to update a Risk Factor that is not currently displaying for a child due to their current age (i.e. Smoking Status prior to the age of 13). Click the checkbox to see a list of all Risk Factors in OP.