Risk Assessments Editor

Version 14.8

About Risk Assessments Editor

Path: Utilities Menu > Manage Clinical Features > Risk Assessments Editor (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [Alt][U][F][I])

The Risk Assessments Editor reviews, edits, and creates Risk Assessment questions and responses. 


You will have an understanding of the content of risk assessment questions, which includes the Meaningful Use requirement of smoking status. You will be knowledgeable on customizing this area of Office Practicum to meet the needs of the practice. 

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Risk Assessments Questions Map

The Risk Assessment Questions are displayed in the top panel. The answers change in the bottom panel when a different question is selected. The columns include:

Question Column


Risk Question

Risk question that will appear in the Risk Assessment tab of the patient chart or while charting a sick or well visit.


Set a privacy level to restrict visibility to specific staff.

Sort Order

Numeric value to organize questions within the Risk Assessment tab.


Set a risk question to display dependent upon a child's gender.

Min Age (months)

Set a risk question to only display when a child has reached the minimum age.

Max Age (months)

Set a risk question to no longer display when a child has reached the maximum age.

DX Code

The code entered in this column is dependent on the DX Code Type.

DX Code Type

The entry in this column controls what is entered in the DX Code. LOINC is the requirement for Meaningful Use.

Risk Group

The risk group the question can be categorized.

Risk Assessments Answers Map

The Risk Assessment Answers are displayed in the bottom panel. The answers change when a different question is selected in the top panel. The columns include:

Answer Column



Set of answers defined specific to the Risk Question selected. Selections will display when charting a sick or well visit.

Answer Code

U=Unknown, N=Low Risk, R=At Risk, C=Current Exposure, P=Past Exposure, H=History.

Risk Level

Value in the risk level will be set to reflect the answer code. Values set in this field set the display color on selection of the answer.

Sort Order

Numeric value to organize answers for a selected risk question.

DX Description

Description of the selected SNOMED. DX Description will populate if SNOMED selection is made in the SNOMED column.


SNOMED code selection. SNOMED will populate if a selection in made in the DX Description column.

DX Code Type

Field will be left blank.