Rooms & Resources

Version 14.10
Utilities > Manage Practice > Appointment Preferences


Adding Rooms is a great way to know where a patient is located and determine what rooms are available. Follow the steps below to add Rooms or Resources.  

Adding Rooms

  1. Click the button on the menu toolbar.
  2. Select Manage Practice.
  3. Select Appointment Preferences.
  4. Select the tab for Rooms.
  5. Click on the Insert Record button  
  6. From here, enter in the following information, and click on the Post Edit button  to save your changes. When completed, exit by clicking the Exit button  in the upper right hand corner of the window.
Room/Resource NameThe name of the room. If you have multiple locations each room name must be unique for each location.
InitialsA short code used to identify the room (RM1, RM2).
ActiveThis box should be automatically checked for new rooms being added. If a room is currently not being used, uncheck the box.
LocationIn a multi-location office, select where this room is located. If you only have one location, you may omit this column.
Colloquial NameA nickname for the room.
ColorYou may select a color for your exam room if applicable for your practice workflow (this is not mandatory).

Appointment Preferences: Rooms/Resources tab

Editing Appointment Types

  1. Select the tab for Rooms.
  2. Click on an item that you wish to modify and click the Edit Record button  
  3. Modify any of the fields as needed.
  4. If a room is no longer in use, uncheck the Active column. If names have just been re-purposed, change the Room/Resource Name rather than creating a new entry. 
  5. Click the Post Edit button  .
  6. Click the Exit button .