Running Backups to a Thumb Drive or External Drive

When running backups to a backup drive:

  1. Ensure that the flash drive is formatted in NTFS. We recommend this since FAT32 only allows a file up to 4gbs in size to be saved.

  1. To create the backup jobs set the database location to the database files found in the gdbmed directory on the main server. Specify the location where you would like the backups to go to.

Note:  Folder paths must be created, for the backup to work properly. Normal path to the gdbmed is server-ip:drive letter:\gdbmed\  .The two databases are medical.gdb and docimage.gdb.

  1. Go back into the OP Backup program and right click on the newly created jobs and run the backup jobs to ensure that everything has been set correctly.

Note: Perform the backup during non-business hours so you are not slowing down your practice.