Running the QIC Module 2017

Version 14.10

From your menu bar in OP, click on Tools and select QIC from dropdown list.  The Office Practicum Quality Improvement Calculator (QIC) will open up.

There are four tabs on top:  Reports, PCMH Custom, Database Administration, CMS QDE.  When opening the QIC Module it defaults to the Reports tab.  This will be what we discuss first.

Report Group:  Select a Report Group from the drop down.  Those that apply to NCQA 2017 PCMH Standards are as follows.

  • PCMH 2017 AC Concepts
  • PCMH 2017 CC Concepts
  • PCMH 2017 CM Concepts
  • PCMH 2017 KM Concepts
  • PCMH 2017 QI Concepts

  • Date Range:  Select your begin and end date.
  • Provider:  The QIC gives the ability to report by provider or for your entire practice/location.  It is recommended to check the All checkbox for PCMH reporting since the reports are based on location instead of individual providers in the practice.
  • Location:  The QIC gives the ability to select a single location or all locations.  Location is typically selected for PCMH reporting.  If you are a single location practice, then no selection is necessary.

Once report group, date range, provider and location have been defined, you can then generate the results by clicking the Refresh button.