Running Web Update OP 20

Version 20.4


These instructions are for On-Premise practices only. Cloud practices are and will continue to be updated by the OP Tech Support team. If you are running an outdated version of the OP Web Updater, when you launch the Web Updater, an error message is displayed indicating that a newer version is available. Click here for instructions on updating the OP Web Updater. If you have workstations that do not update properly following an update on the server, please visit this page for assistance.

Important: The update process and the updater interface may appear to be unresponsive at times. Unless the update stops with an error, do not prematurely end an in-progress update. Stopping an in-progress update can leave your database in an inconsistent state. Depending on the number of updates needed and the hardware and software in your environment, the update process can take a long time and appear to be hung or unresponsive for an extended period of time. The update process will eventually either complete successfully or stop with an error. We recommend running updates at the end of the day rather than the beginning because the length of time needed to complete the update process can vary significantly and the amount of time a previous update took is not always a good indicator of how long future updates will take.

Running Web Update: OP 20

  1. Verify all users are closed out of Office Practicum.
  2. Open the Web Updater located on the server desktop or download it from the following web link.

  1. Once opened, verify that the download links, included in the update e-mail you received, match those entered into the Settings of the Office Practicum Web Update window.

  • Verify the download information by clicking the Change button; this is located in the upper right corner of the web update program.
  • This will open the properties page. Here you can set the download path for Download Link (A), the path to the OP gdb_common folder (B), and the path to the OP Database (C). Ensure that these are pointing to the correct server before continuing. The Download Link of 20 will always have the latest version.

Note: If you receive the error: "Error read XML data from", remove the "s" in "https" in the URL field in the Update section. If this does not resolve this issue, go to: Internet Explorer > Settings > Internet options > Advanced tab. In the Security section, deselect the Do not save Encrypted pages to disk checkbox. If you are running the updater on Windows Server 2012/R2 and cannot resolve the above error, please install the updater on a Windows 10/11 workstation and follow the same update process you would when running it on the server.

  1. If an update is available, a pop up box will appear signifying the available update. A brief description of the update, including what version is involved, is mentioned within the box.

  1. Click the OK button
  2. Next, click the Start button and enter in your username and password to start the update.
  3. Once completed, a pop up box will appear mentioning that "all updates installed successfully." After clicking OK, and closing the Web Updater, the update will be applied once Office Practicum is opened on the OP server.
  4. The update is then applied to all individual workstations once opened on each workstation following the update.

Note: If a terminal server is utilized within the practice, the terminal server must be updated prior to users that are connected to it opening Office Practicum.