Saving an Encounter as a Template

Version 14.8
Note: Any items in the orders worksheet (Meds, Dx tests, Immunizations, etc.) are NOT saved when using save as template.  If you have orders that need to be part of the template, then they need to be added in the Template Editor.

After a patient's entire visit has been documented:

  1. Select the Summary Tab in order to save an encounter note as a template. 

  1. Select the "Save as Template" tab.

  1. Name the Template.  Follow the naming conventions previously described; capitalize all diagnostic templates.  
  2. Select a System category.
  3. Choose from six check boxes on the left, which portions will be included in this new template.

  1. Keep custom questions will retain any custom questions that were created as part of the visit note.

Custom questions are created on the review of systems, history and exam tabs.

  1. The copy as "pertinent" check box will change any questions or symptoms that were recorded as "reports/denies", in the visit note to "Pert" for future use .