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We are currently updating the OP Help Center content for the release of OP 20. OP 20 (official version 20.0.x) is the certified, 2015 Edition, version of the Office Practicum software. This is displayed in your software (Help tab > About) and in the Help Center tab labeled Version 20.0. We appreciate your patience as we continue to update all of our content.

Saving and Reverting Saved Preferences

Version 14.19

Refer to the following resources to learn how to do this in OP 19:

Saving Preferences

Reverting Saved Preferences

Version 14.10

All users have access to the Pref Button () on the Smart Toolbar and within some windows in OP 14. This button can be used to save settings and views as the individual user has established them. Some of the preferences that can be saved include: visible columns, sorting of lists, grouping of data, ordering of tabs, window size, and window placement.  

Saving Preferences

To save preferences:

  1. Organize or construct the window how you would always like to see it.
  2. Click the Pref button in the Smart Toolbar.
  3. Select Active or All: 
  • Select Active to save preferences for the active window.
  • Select All to save preferences for all windows currently open in OP.

Reverting Saved Preferences

To revert saved preferences:

  1. Navigate to the window where you would like to revert saved preferences.
  2. Hold CTRL on your keyboard, and click the Pref button on the Smart Toolbar.
  3. Confirm that you would like to clear your preferences.
Note: Reverting saved preferences will only apply to the Active window.