Scanning, Editing, and Linking Documents


Scanning Insurance Cards
This page will instruct you on how to scan insurance cards using a card scanner. Insurance cards can only be scanned on a workstation connected either to a card reader or document scanner.
Scanning a New Document
This page will instruct you on how to scan a new document into OP.
Review Documents Assigned To An Inactive Provider
There may be a time when a provider leaves a practice and the provider has been set to Inactive in the Staff/Provider directory. Below will instruct how to review and complete scanned documents that remain with the inactive provider.
Capturing and Scanning Photo IDs
If your office is equipped with a digital camera, and you have activated the camera for use in Office Practicum, follow these steps to take a photo and attach it to the patient's records.
Document Management Item Types and Reference
What Item Type Should I Select?
Link a Scan to Labs
This page will instruct you on how to link scan to lab orders.
Linking a Scan to Referrals
This page will instruct you on how to link a scanned referral.
Importing PDF Files
Click the Docs button on the smart toolbar to open the Document Management window. Click the New Document button. Click the Import PDF button from the Import dropdown in the Acquisition panel.
Edit or Delete a Scanned Item
This page will instruct you on how to edit or delete a scanned document.
Linking a Signature to a Provider
Have the provider write their signature on a clean piece of white paper. For best results, use a black pen.
Adding Handouts Saved on Computer
The following steps will help you scan in handouts that you may already have in paper format in your office.
How do I copy a scanned item to another patient?
To copy a scanned document to another patient, follow the steps below: Click the Document Management button in the Clinical and Practice Management tab. Use the Patient Finder to search for the patient who has the document attached to the chart...