Scanning Workstation

The following Specifications and Recommendations made by Office Practicum are based solely on what has worked for our clients.
We are in no way endorsing the use of one product over another. Please consult with your IT Professional to make sure your devices meet our minimum requirements.

Windows 10 is supported on OP versions 14.6 and up.

Scanning Workstation

Scanning workstations need to be a little more robust as scanning consumes higher than average amounts of memory.

If the workstation is to be configured as an scanning workstation it should have:

  • A dedicated network connection (no wireless connection).
  • 2GHz+ processor (Dual Core preferred)
  • Random Access Memory (RAM):
  • 4 GB minimum
  • 120 GB+ Hard Drive SATA 7200RPM
  • 16 MB or 32 MB Cache