Schedule and Practice Workflow: ePrescribing Center

Version 14.8

About Schedule and Practice Workflow: ePrescribing Center Tab

Path: Smart Toolbar > Schedule button (F7) > e-Rx tab
Path: Smart Toolbar > e-RX button

The ePrescribing Center window provides a 'home base' for all ePrescribing transactions. The ePrescribing center is where the practice can track and manage prescriptions.  From this location you can do the following:

  • Complete all of your e-Rx tasks
  • View Rx’s for other providers by selecting them under Scope or changing the Prescriber Name.
  • View the different stages of the prescription during the transmission process.

Schedule and Practice Workflow: e-Rx Tab Map


Function buttons
The Function buttons are used:
  • Edit: The Edit button edits a selected prescription.  Clicking this button opens the Prescription Writer window.
  • Delete: The Delete button deletes a selected prescription from the child's chart.
  • Refresh:  The Refresh button refreshes the Prescription List grid based upon the Written date range selected.
  • Send:  The Send button electronically sends out unsent prescriptions in the Created, Not Printed/Sent Prescription List grid.


Written Date
The Written Date range sets the beginning and end dates for the displayed prescriptions.


Created, Not Printed/Sent
The Created, Not Printed/Sent tab displays the prescriptions that have not yet been printed or sent electronically. These will most commonly contain prescriptions written on a paper prescription pad.


Need Co-signature
Prescriptions that need a Co-signature appear here and should be co-signed within 24 hours. To co-sign a prescription, place a checkmark next to the prescription and click the Sign button.


The Sent tab displays prescriptions that have been sent to the pharmacy and are still in the transmission process.


The Delivered tab displays a list of prescriptions that have been delivered electronically to the pharmacy.


The Failed tab displays prescriptions that did not make it electronically to the Pharmacy.  A fax backup may need to be sent and should be noted on the prescription if this is the case.  When a prescription fails, please contact support and let them know so that this can be researched.


Refill Change Requests
Refill requests come into this tab from the pharmacy. It is recommended that these requests be taken care of within 48 hours. If 48 hours passes, you may see another refill request come in for the same patient.


Refills Denied
Denied Refills for the Practice appear under the Refills Denied tab.


ePrior Auth
The ePrior Auth tab within the eRx Center presents prescriptions for which a PA was automatically or manually indicated and printed or transmitted. OP 14 displays the same ePA fields in the eRx center as it does on the Medication List.  The ePrior Auth tab does not affect whether or not the eRx Center is highlighted red.
The ePrior Auth tab defaults to the logged in user on the current date. Each record is based on the date written. OP also uses the locations where a user is associated when determining what items to display. For example, if a practice has two locations with a provider that prescribes at both Location A and Location B and a nurse that works only at Location A, then the provider would see ePA workitems for scripts that went out from both locations while the nurse would only see ePA worklist items for prescriptions that went out from Location A (not Location B). The ePrior Auth tab also has a button labeled Worklist. By clicking this button, OP opens the entire worklist from within CompletEPA.  
Prescription List gridThe Prescription List grid displays the prescriptions based on the prescription status tab (Created, Not Printed/Sent, Need Co-signature, Sent, Delivered, Failed, Refill Change Requests, Refills Denied, ePrior Auth).
Left tabs

The left tabs open a different section within the practice's schedule and practice workflow.  The Schedule and Practice Workflow contains the following left tabs:

ScopeThe Scope field narrows the parameters for the displayed tab.  

ePrior Auth tab Worklist note: As with the Medication List, staff members with the Clinical Level set to Clinical Staff or Higher in the Staff/Provider directory and are part of the Medical Records group will have the ability to view and take actions on items in the Worklist.  Staff members who are also part of the Medical Records group but whose Clinical Level is set below Clinical Staff or Higher have view-only access of the fields on the ePrior Auth tab will not be able to open the Worklist nor edit any records. 
A user must be assigned to the same location the prescription was sent from in order to view the corresponding ePA work list items.  Click here to learn more about how to assign locations to a user.  If a user sees the following error message, it is because their locations are not properly configured:  "No worklist items found for your associated locations."