Schedule Settings

Version 20.0
Path: Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab > Schedule button > Settings drop-down menu


Settings can be applied to the Calendar Schedule window to determine what non-provider columns are displayed as well as how appointments are displayed. The selections made in the Settings drop-down are summarized in the drop-down field itself.

Select Schedule Settings

  1. Navigate to the Settings drop-down menu by following the path above.
  2. Select from the following settings:
  • Show columns:
    • Not assigned: select this checkbox to display a column for appointments scheduled with providers or staff whose schedule is not included in the user's selected calendar view.
    • Out of office: select this checkbox to show columns for providers or staff who are usually listed on the selected tab but do not have office hours scheduled on the selected date. Even when unchecked, columns are only hidden if there are no scheduled appointments and all slots have a purpose of "Do Not Book".
  • Status color:
    • Visit Stage: appointments are displayed in the color that is assigned to the Visit Stage of the appointment.
    • Billing Stage: appointments are displayed in the color that is assigned to the Billing Stage of the appointment.
  • Schedule text:
    • Details: appointments are displayed with the patient's name, phone number, patient ID, DOB, appointment reason and type, and provider. 
    • x (hidden): appointments are displayed without any detail. Instead, an X is listed in the appointment. When elected, the appointment window must be opened in order to see the appointment details.
    • Name only: appointments are displayed with only the patient's name.
  1. Click outside of the Setting drop-down menu to close the menu. The settings are automatically applied and summarized in the drop-down menu field. Settings can be changed by clicking the Settings drop-down menu again.