How do I view security audit trail?

User Permission: You must be assigned the AA_SystemAdmin_mi permission from the Security Settings window (Utilities > System Admin >  Security Administration) in order to access the Security Audit Trail. Only a system administrator can assign permissions. Contact your system administrator to be assigned this permission.

To view the Audit Trail

  1. Navigate to Utilities > System Admin > Security Audit Trail
  2. Locate and select the patient's Audit Log that you would like to view.

Note: Use the Available Columns button () to add or remove columns from view.  You will most likely want to select the Before Changes and After Changes checkboxes to add those columns to your view.

Exporting the Audit Trail to PDF

  1. Select the Print icon 
  2. When the Print Preview appears, select Export to PDF 
  3. Save Audit Trail report
  4. Complete the Disclosure Tracking Screen as appropriate